Sign in with Apple

Auth0 adds Sign in with Apple for both Apple and non-Apple platforms with a simple flip of a switch

Sign in with Apple

Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.

Apple App Store Guidelines

With privacy and security features built-in, Sign in with Apple is a great way to help users set up an account, sign in, and engage with your app quickly and easily. Existing apps and app updates must follow the new guidelines by April 2020.

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Cross-platform support

Users can log in from anywhere using different social providers or username-password credentials. You need to be able to support login flows across multiple platforms (like Apple, Android, Windows). Auth0 delivers two login flows to streamline the authentication process for both native iOS and non-Apple platforms.. 

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Multiple Platforms

Build a single view of the user

The added flexibility of multiple platforms adds  the challenge of having duplicate accounts of the same user. With Auth0, you can extend login, activate the account linking rule, and automatically connect accounts internally to build a single user profile.

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Account Linking

Supplement limited user profile with progressive profiling

Unlike Facebook and Google, Apple will share only a limited set of data points on the user. With Auth0's progressive profiling feature, you can build the user profile gradually over time, enabling you to acquire first-party data directly from the end-user without compromising UX.

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Call your APIs without writing code

If you just rely on the tokens you receive from Apple, custom code is needed to call your backend APIs. Auth0 acts the identity hub, and it manages the trust relationship with your API ecosystem, enabling you to seamlessly issue tokens to call your APIs, and eliminate the need to maintain custom code over time.

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Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.