Our primary community support for Auth0 Extend uses the Slack team. It is free to join and you can invite yourself using the sign-up form.

There is usually a team member lurking on the Slack channel and it is the most effective way to engage and ask questions. Having said that, Slack support is based on best effort and we don’t offer any SLA.

Speaking of Slack, did you know Auth0 Extend allows you to extend Slack itself with Node.js? Install our popular and free Slash Webtasks app on your own Slack team, or join our team above and experience Slash Webtasks by running /wt slash command.


If you prefer a more traditional forum format to ask questions and engage with the team and community, you can find us at the Auth0 Extend Forums. Similarly to Slack support, we don’t offer any SLA for forums.


You can contact us via e-mail at

Premium Support

We offer premium support options for Auth0 Extend as outlined in our Support Plans. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss arrangements.