Building custom Identity experiences

Explore our suite of serverless developer tools to seamlessly extend and enhance your Identity ecosystem.

Identity is not one-size-fits-all

In today's dynamic digital landscape, generic solutions don't make the cut. With Actions, developers get an extensibility platform engineered for flexibility, allowing for adaptation to complex Identity challenges.

Embrace serverless

Say goodbye to the burdens of hosting, performance concerns, and security woes. Rely on our robust infrastructure for storing and executing your code with optimal efficiency and security.

Diagram depicting different applications being used as actions or integrations with Auth0 at the center.

Flow editor

Define your Identity flows using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Adapt and rearrange with ease, eliminating tedious code rewrites.

Explore Flows and Triggers

Code with confidence

Craft Actions with JavaScript, leveraging a powerful hosted development environment with guided validation, IntelliSense completions, and in-depth type definitions. Dive into coding, backed by intuitive syntax checking and command auto-completions.

Write your first Action

From drafts to deployment

Draft, fine-tune, and experiment with code and configurations through a unified interface. Save your changes without commiting to production.

See how to manage versions

Debugging, decoded

Unravel issues with precision. Track code changes with versioning, and revert back to a previous version when things don’t go as expected.

Test and debug Actions

Forms for Actions

Build custom signup flows to prompt users for additional information and store it as metadata on the Auth0 user profile.

Forms for Actions diagram.

Ready to dive in?

Implement Auth0 Actions to enhance your application's authentication process.