Extensibility for Modern Identity

Serverless developer tools to easily extend and customize Auth0

Identity is Not Vanilla

By enabling developers, businesses can quickly solve complex identity problems. Actions is our next-generation extensibility platform, built to give developers more tooling and a better experience.

Serverless Extensibility

Forget about having to host your own environment and worrying about performance, maintenance, and security. Your code is stored and runs on infrastructure owned and maintained by Auth0.

Flow Editor

Visually drag and drop Actions to build custom identity flows. No need to rewrite your code to reorder and reconfigure functions.

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Modern Code Editing

Easily write JavaScript functions with validation, IntelliSense code completion, and type definitions. Spend less time in docs with real-time syntax checking and auto-completion of commands and functions.

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Drafting and Version Control

Draft, review, and test custom code and flow configurations within a single user interface. Save your changes without having to commit to production.

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Testing and Debugging

Quickly determine causality by tracking state changes. Each Action is uniquely tagged and can be traced for contextual information on why it failed.

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