Make Multi-Factor Authentication Effortless

MFA that can be activated and adapted to whenever and wherever you choose, without impacting every user. Secure authentication without sacrificing the user experience.

Security That Works Past the Front Door With Step Up MFA

Step-up authentication allows you to restrict access to more sensitive resources. Instead of a front-door approach, with Step-Up MFA you can require users to authenticate with a stronger authentication mechanism when moving into more restricted areas of applications.

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Deliver Secure and Enjoyable User Experiences with Adaptive MFA

While MFA can block 99.9% of account hacking attacks, many companies shy away from MFA due to compromises to the user experience. Adaptive MFA is only presented when a login is deemed risky, enabling companies to maintain strong security, while providing a seamless experience.

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Maximize UX and Security with WebAuthn

With progressive enrollment, users can easily enroll all their WebAuthn capable devices, eliminating the need for complex password requirements. WebAuthn is phishing resistant and mitigates account hacking issues, while cementing a smooth user authentication experience.

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Flexible Authentication Factors

Despite having a range of needs, most users still have to authenticate using one method in most instances — passwords. Auth0 supports a number of different authentication factors, giving businesses and users the flexibility they need to authenticate how they want.

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Convenient Push Notifications With Auth0 Guardian

Push notification are another tool in the authentication toolbox that reduces barriers without sacrificing security. With Auth0 Guardian, there’s no need for SMS or manual codes. Authentication can be accomplished simply with one-touch.

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