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The Total Economic Impact of Auth0

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Forrester Consulting calculates 548% ROI and millions in savings

Forrester Consulting created the Total Economic Impact of Auth0 report to demonstrate, justify, and realize the potential benefits and significant ROI from our identity platform.
Ensure the future health of your company and customers with Auth0’s identity management platform. Whether you want to replace a homegrown solution or an existing vendor, the investment you make in us will be a good one.

Financial Benefits of Using Auth0

$ 11.7 M
  • $ 1.4 M

    Faster time to market: New features and conversion

  • $ 2.7 M

    Faster time to market: Integrations

  • $ 3.7 M

    Cost reduction: Development hours

  • $ 3.3 M

    Cost reduction: Registration issues

Customer Experience

Before Auth0

After Auth0

  • Increased
  • Revenues
  • Customer conversions
  • Number of new application features
  • Developer satisfaction
  • Decreased
  • Identity-related development hours
  • Management hours
  • Help-desk costs
  • Security and audit costs
  • Time to market

From the TEI Report

“Auth0 really shined as far as the out-of-the-box API support, especially for Angular. It had a simple documentation page about how to integrate - 15 minutes and we were up and running with a proof of concept.”

Enterprise architect, recycling and waste disposal

“For us to do the digital transformation, the most critical aspect we wanted to solve first was the identity in a single profile. And that’s the key benefit of Auth0”.


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