Jump-start identity innovation with GDPR and Auth0

A job that requires a flexible tool can’t be done with a template - achieve GDPR compliance and innovate identity for the apps you build with Auth0.

On May 25, 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be enforced by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission as a way to protect and unify the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens

The existing policy, originally established in 1995, has evolved to GDPR to keep pace with the demands of today’s data-driven world. While its intent remains the same - to keep citizens’ data secure - there are notable changes that will take effect.

Important GDPR updates

  • Regulation Expansion

    All companies processing personal data of residents in the EU, regardless of company location, must follow GDPR guidelines.

  • User Rights

    Customers have the authority to request access to data, have their data be erased, or transmitted to another data controller.

  • Notification

    There will be mandatory security breach reporting that must be done within 72 hours of it being exposed.

  • Fines

    Non-compliance can result in fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the global annual revenue of a business (whichever is greater).

  • Consent

    EU companies must have demonstrable consent from users via an easily accessible form using clear and plain language.

The Right Tool for The Right Job

Identity matters even more with GDPR

We serve as the data processor for you, the data controller. As data controller - the entity that collects the data, provides notifications, and obtains the consent regarding all personal user data - you are ultimately responsible for compliance.

Auth0’s Management API v2 provides turnkey management of user identity data, which is an essential part of compliance. Additional features in our extensible platform will set a solid foundation for your GDPR journey:

  • Auth0’s Private Cloud

    Managed service for full control over user data.

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  • Multifactor Authentication

    Usable and friction-free MFA to prevent unauthorized access.

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  • Enterprise Federation

    Provisioning / deprovisioning access to information.

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  • User Management

    Centralized dashboard to manage user identities; ability to incorporate custom consent into signup.

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  • Log Management

    Provisioning / deprovisioning access to information.

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  • Single Sign On

    Widely-used credentials aren’t exposed to individual apps.

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  • Anomaly Protection

    Breached Password Detection & Brute Force Protection.

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  • Client Connections

    Control over where sensitive identity info and passwords are kept.

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Be Compliant

Get ready for the journey

The road to GDPR compliance can be a long and complex one, but we can help you prepare for the journey. Visit the resources below to learn more or contact us for more information about how we support GDPR.

  • GDPR: Fine Determination

    Download our whitepaper to learn what you could be fined for.

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  • GDRP: Real vs. Fake

    Watch our webinar on what you really need to know about GDPR.

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  • GDPR: Security Provisions

    Download our whitepaper to learn the new rules about data security.

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  • GDPR: 12 Myths Debunked

    Watch this video to learn about 12 myths about GDPR.

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Get ‘GDPR Prepared*’ with more detailed information to ensure you are ready and compliant* before May 2018.

  • GDPR Overview:

    How GDPR affects you and your Auth0 usage.

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  • GDPR Summary:

    The rights and responsibilities of those affected by GDPR.

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  • Roles and Responsibilities Under GDPR:

    Customer vs. Auth0 and what each is responsible for.

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  • Auth0 Data Processing:

    What data Auth0 stores and how it’s managed.

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  • Key Auth0 Features Aiding Compliance:

    Which Auth0 features help with GDPR compliancy requirements such as Signup, Notification and Consent, Right to Access Data, Data Minimization, and more.

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  • Security Advice for Customers:

    Minimize the risk of data breaches by minimizing the information that is contained in Auth0.

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  • 7 GDPR Misconceptions:

    Read this blog to see the reality behind common GDPR misconceptions.

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  • Jumpstart Identity Innovation with GDPR:

    Read this blog to learn how you can make the most of your GDPR investment.

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  • A Checklist:

    Don't Compromise on Identity Because of GDPR Compliance.

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