Identity securely puts patients at the center of their healthcare experience.

Secure PHI and patients portals, build 360 degree views of the patient, and collaborate with partners. Welcome to the future of digital health.

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Securing PHI: Going beyond HIPAA

Most IAM solutions only protect you at login. Auth0’s flexible HIPAA compliant platform enables step-up authentication at any point of the digital journey during and after login, without disrupting any existing systems. Even at login or “at the door,” track abnormal behaviors and step up the authentication flow as demanded by your application needs.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    HIPAA Compliance

    For customers handling PHI data, Auth0 offers HIPAA Business Associate agreements for identity and authentication services.

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  • MFA with Auth0 Guardian

    MFA with Auth0 Guardian

    Improve customer experience with push notifications using the Auth0 Guardian mobile app. With Guardian, customers never have to leave your app and copy-paste passcodes to finish the authentication process. Simply “accept” the notification and login.

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  • Third-Party MFA

    Third-Party MFA

    Integrate Auth0 into any custom MFA provider or use our pre-built integrations with Google Authenticator and Duo by simply flipping a switch in the Auth0 dashboard.

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  • Step-Up Authentication using APIs

    Step-Up Authentication using APIs

    Increase security for sensitive information by easily adding Auth0’s authentication APIs and step-up authentication at any point in the digital journey after login.

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360-degree view of the patient

The complete view of a patient’s medical history enables both clinicians and administrators to identify care gaps, address high-risk situations and enhance decision-making, limit avoidable errors, and improve outcomes. Auth0 puts the patient at the center with a centralized approach to identity, IoT, and API security.

  • Centralized Identity Management

    Centralized Identity Management

    You can host your directory in the highly secure Auth0 server, use your existing directory or migrate users to the Auth0 database without requiring a password reset.

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  • IoT Integration

    IoT Integration

    Enable IoT devices and all connected “things” to safely and securely consume your API in instances where no human interaction is necessary.

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  • API Security

    API Security

    Enable IoT devices and all connected “things” to safely and securely consume your API in instances where no human interaction is necessary.

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Enable Patient Portal 2.0

With the healthcare industry focused on improving adoption rates of patient portals, it is time to take a market-driven approach to the next-generation of patient engagement tools. The Auth0 CIAM platform streamlines the patient registration process and delivers an omnichannel experience across all your apps and devices.

  • Single Sign-On

    Single Sign-On

    Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) for both partners and employees. SSO authentication gives your users a seamless experience for your internal and third party applications.

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  • Let’s Get Social

    Let’s Get Social

    Streamline the registration process with social logins and enable a one-click user experience to significantly increase conversion rates.

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  • Link Multiple Social Accounts

    Link Multiple Social Accounts

    Auth0’s account linking feature enables you to link multiple social identities. Build a richer profile based on first-party identity data and enhances social engagement at all levels.

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  • Progressive Profiling

    Progressive Profiling

    86 % of users say overly long forms make them quit on registrations. Increase conversion rates by 120 % and keep your users happy by collecting data over time.

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Partner Collaboration: Healthcare SaaS

Macro-level developments around patient engagement and care coordination are pushing health care providers to increasingly collaborate with B2B SaaS companies. This collaboration demands federation and providers will only partner with SaaS businesses that enable this feature. Auth0 creates truly “frictionless” enterprise federation that is scalable for multiple customers at one time, saving weeks and even months with minimal effort.

  • Increase Enterprise Revenue

    Increase Enterprise Revenue

    Deliver a premium offering for prospective customers and accelerate the sales cycle with rapid implementation, preserving precious engineering development time.

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  • Turnkey Enterprise Federation

    Turnkey Enterprise Federation

    Auth0 is fully scalable and accommodates Active Directory, PingFederate, LDAP, and even custom SAML-P providers for as many users as needed.

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  • User Governance

    User Governance

    Maintain full control and ownership of your user data at all times. Store user data securely with Auth0, in a federated database like Active Directory, or your own custom database.

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  • Rapid Implementation with SDKs

    Rapid Implementation with SDKs

    Auth0 is built to be developer-centric. With multiple SDKs, live documentation and seamless integrations, Auth0 empowers you to achieve your authentication goals with minimal effort.

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