Identity securely puts patients at the center of their healthcare experience.

Secure PHI and patients portals, build 360 degree views of the patient, and collaborate with partners. Welcome to the future of digital health.

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Securing PHI: Going beyond HIPAA

Most IAM solutions only protect you at login. Auth0’s flexible HIPAA compliant platform enables step-up authentication at any point of the digital journey during and after login, without disrupting any existing systems. Even at login or “at the door,” track abnormal behaviors and step up the authentication flow as demanded by your application needs.


360-degree view of the patient

The complete view of a patient’s medical history enables both clinicians and administrators to identify care gaps, address high-risk situations and enhance decision-making, limit avoidable errors, and improve outcomes. Auth0 puts the patient at the center with a centralized approach to identity, IoT, and API security.

Patient Portals

Enable Patient Portal 2.0

With the healthcare industry focused on improving adoption rates of patient portals, it is time to take a market-driven approach to the next-generation of patient engagement tools. The Auth0 CIAM platform streamlines the patient registration process and delivers an omnichannel experience across all your apps and devices.


Partner Collaboration: Healthcare SaaS

Macro-level developments around patient engagement and care coordination are pushing health care providers to increasingly collaborate with B2B SaaS companies. This collaboration demands federation and providers will only partner with SaaS businesses that enable this feature. Auth0 creates truly “frictionless” enterprise federation that is scalable for multiple customers at one time, saving weeks and even months with minimal effort.