Integrate with Auth0

Build your integration on the Auth0 Marketplace. Learn about our extensibility features, building your own solution, and understanding the process to go to market.

Get started with these 4 steps

Learn everything you need to know about our extensibility features, building your own solution, plus understanding the process all the way to publishing. We’ve got you covered with helpful docs and resources.


Learn about Auth0’s extensibility platform

Don't just jump in without thinking! Take a moment to think about what you need to consider before building your integration.

Explore Auth0 Marketplace


Build an extensible building block

You know what you want to build and it’s time to get started. Let us help walk you through every step of the way.


Add your integration to Auth0 Marketplace

Once you've built your integration, it’s time to get it into the Marketplace.


Go to market with your integration

Time to promote about how awesome your solution is. Learn about the channels and templates that help you market it to the world.


  • Reach a broader audience through targeted co-marketing campaigns
  • Gain visibility within Auth0 and Okta’s vast customer base
  • Customer targeting through analytics
  • Use of business and technical enablement materials for both sales teams for customer engagements
  • Expand your pipeline leveraging Auth0 and Okta’s Sales resources for account mapping and account introductions
  • Gain insight into customer needs and product improvements

Are you ready to jump in?

Head to our Marketplace Partner Portal to create an account, invite team members to co-manage, and get started building with us. We look forward to connecting with you!

Marketplace Partner Portal

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