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AMD Authenticates New Web Portal with Auth0

Learn how AMD creates a more seamless, secure, and easy-to-manage user experience through authentication and federation

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AMD, a pioneer in the IT industry, designs and integrates technology that powers millions of devices used by consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses, and scientific research facilities around the world. For more than 45 years, AMD has innovated high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies that have served as the cornerstone for gaming, immersive platforms, and data centers.

AMD was on a mission to create a more seamless user experience on a web portal for enterprise customers. They wanted to migrate the existing user database to the new environment, with little disruption and delay, while achieving authentication and federation. Due to AMD’s accelerated timeframe, it was essential that the solution be implemented quickly, with minimal resources, time commitment, and backend coding. Auth0 was able to accommodate AMD’s needs, and get the new portal up and running in less than one month, providing a much-improved interface for AMD’s enterprise customers.  

The challenge

The legacy portal AMD used for its enterprise customers created a cumbersome experience, oftentimes requiring multiple logins on the user side and unique account management for AMD. AMD wanted to build a new environment quickly to replace the legacy platform and create a much more seamless interface for the developers who access this information.

Transitioning from a legacy Lotus/Domino web portal to a WordPress environment required the existing user account database to merge into the new environment and federate two distinct Active Directory domains – one for internal employees and one for external customers.

This portal, used primarily by developers from external enterprises to access internal confidential information and communicate with employees, also houses confidential information that only vetted customers who have entered into a nondisclosure agreement are allowed access. Therefore, it was imperative that AMD find a secure authentication solution that they had full confidence in, to ensure its data remained protected.

“One of the things that I was very focused on when building the new environment was really simplifying the experience for the developer, which is either an electrical engineer or software developer, from our customer companies.”

– Kim Kane, Solution Architect – Developer Enablement Environment at AMD

The Solution

AMD conducted a thorough survey of existing solutions, keeping its primary requirement of simplicity and ease-of-use top of mind. After reviewing implementation processes and having initial interactions with sales teams of several vendors, Auth0 emerged as the only solution that could meet its many needs from a technology standpoint, and was also the most responsive of all vendors queried.

In addition to the promise of rapid implementation, AMD also selected Auth0 for its ability to support multiple Active Directory environments. “We needed to federate with two unique Active Directory Federation Services. Auth0 provided us with that functionality, unlike a lot of other Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions that don’t support different AD environments,” added Kane.  

The first phase of the authentication process involved a team of developers, as well as the account management team overseeing the process. The Auth0 Management Portal also came in extremely handy for the account team, and was a bonus (and much appreciated) feature in the overall experience with the product.


Thanks to Auth0’s easy-to-configure platform, the full implementation took less than one month to complete. The ease of integration has provided AMD with a 50% reduction in time, related to identity-related development, equaling more than 200 hours of identity and authentication maintenance.

The Auth0 Management Portal gave the management team visibility into logs, who is accessing the information, as well as the traceability that the team needs on an ongoing basis.

Overall, Auth0 provided AMD with everything they needed to migrate the legacy environment to the new one, easily and securely, while improving the overall user experience. Thus, successfully completing an important phase of AMD’s Application Modernization process.


“The experience with Auth0 has been very good. The platform works even better than I expected. So, there are some ideas and discussions going on to possibly expand the use of Auth0 and AMD.”

– Kim Kane

Within one month, AMD was up and running quickly and was able to provide users with a much better experience. Auth0 provided AMD with the swiftness and adaptability needed to federate two Active Directory environments, ensure the security of the confidential information, and make it easier to developers to access information.

The result of the successful implementation, as well as Auth0’s ongoing responsiveness, provided AMD with a fantastic first impression. Thanks to the potential AMD sees in the partnership, they are starting to explore additional ways in which to expand its application of Auth0.

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