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Live Webinar: Architecture & Identity

3 IAM Examples to Support your 2018 Digital Transformation Efforts

Date: Tuesday January 30, 2018 (January 31 in Asia)

Jared Hanson, Creator of Passport JS and Auth0 Chief Architect, will walk through 3 Identity Access Management (IAM) architecture examples and discuss the specific pros and cons of each in supporting digital transformation efforts. Join us in this webinar, presented by Auth0, an identity platform that helps companies including Atlassian, VMware and Mazda modernize their identity systems without compromising on speed, security or innovation.

The start of a new year, it’s time to reassess what’s not working and make changes. For enterprise architects, that means a continuation in modernizing your applications to better align with customer demands. Companies that have traditionally viewed IAM as a function of IT — limited to things like user provisioning, Single Sign On and password management — are now coming to terms with the much larger role identity plays, both as a risk and differentiator.