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Identity is Complex. Deal with it on AWS.

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Amazon is the world’s largest public cloud. Built on AWS, the Auth0 Identity Access Management platform delivers a universal authentication and authorization as a service for web, mobile and legacy 7000+ customers worldwide.

A solution that works out of the box, Auth0 enables the ability to easily customize, extend and build new identity features on AWS when you need them. Identity might be complex, but dealing with it effectively should be within reach.

The Auth0 IAM platform is built as a highly-available identity-as-a-service solution that can spread across multiple AWS Regions.

Auth0 Architecture

The Auth0 architecture supports over 2.5 billion logins every month – with 99.99% uptime across the following use cases:

    • BUSINESS TO CUSTOMERS (B2C): Engage with your users using actionable intelligence based on their profiles, trends and analytics.
    • BUSINESS TO BUSINESS (B2B) PARTNERS: Give your customers enterprise identity integration, frictionless SSO across your products and adaptive authentication with MFA. All of this with a flip of a switch.
  • HYBRID USE CASES SPANNING B2C AND B2B: Start with the B2C or B2B use case category and easily grow into both.

See how Auth0 built our highly-available identity-as-a-service platform across multiple AWS Regions.

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Want to learn more? Download the IAM in AWS Solution Brief.

Auth0 is now available on the AWS Marketplace.


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