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Build vs Buy: Modern Identity Management

What's wrong with building IAM?

An organization that builds their own authentication or IAM loses productivity, innovation and revenue. A third party solution can reduce setup and ongoing costs. For the end user, a better login experience with robust security increases customer adoption. The business case for buying differs based on your identity management use case:

B2B – You want to provide federated identity management to another business (e.g Trello allowing another business to log into Trello with their enterprise credentials).

B2C – You want to provide social authentication to your customers through Facebook, Google, or other social media identity providers.

B2E – You want to provide single sign-on to your own employees.

All Use Cases

  • Reduction in engineering costs:
    • Hundreds—if not thousands—of valuable development hours can go back to writing business logic instead of being spent building authentication. Integrating and mapping identity providers is time-consuming and can be painful. With an IAM solution, these integrations are already built and provided. An IAM should also offer SDKs for popular development stacks, further reducing additional coding needed to integrate the authentication system.
  • Increased security
    • Storing data with a third-party identity management solution strengthens security. IAM solutions adhere to security compliance policies and certifications. A solution takes on the responsibilities of keeping user data stored and transported securely. In addition, federated identity prevents users from reusing the same password and having to remember multiple login credentials.


  • Increased enterprise adoption:
    • An identity management solution offers robust Enterprise Federation, enabling enterprise connections such as Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, SAML, Google Apps, and more. Enterprise federation increases adoption by companies already using those technologies by allowing users to log in with their existing enterprise credentials. With single sign-on, there’s no need for users to remember additional usernames or passwords. 
  • Increased enterprise revenue:
    • Potential enterprise customers with existing credentials can authenticate with the same login. This helps generate revenue from enterprise customers as well as reduces friction for users.
  • Reduction in sales cycle/onboarding:
    • Federated Identity allows companies to use their own credentials with a product or service while ensuring security requirements are fulfilled. This promotes faster sales cycles and customer onboarding.


  • Increased consumer adoption:
    • By providing a unified, user-friendly login box for customers, identity management provides a consistent, frictionless signup and login experience across all applications regardless of browser or device. An identity management solution can gather more data about users.


  • Third party SSO:
    • Regardless of cloud or on-premises apps, SSO allows users to log in once and access any app without being prompted a second time for credentials.  SSO can be utilized to authenticate apps such as ERP, Salesforce, Workday, Office 365, and more.
  • Management of authorization levels:
    • An identity management solution provides the means to easily control different access levels for users. Privileges can be assigned and changed as employees join a company or are promoted. Users can also be deprovisioned, revoking all access and permissions.

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