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DashThis Implements in ‘Seconds’ with Auth0

Secure, fully-featured social login saves 220 hours in year one

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Marketers in more than 70 countries use DashThis to automate reports via customized data dashboards. Instead of spending hours manually copying-and-pasting data each month, customers like iProspect, Wpromote, Dentsu, and the University of Oxford have turned to DashThis to make their reporting processes easier and more efficient.

Since DashThis’ automated reports can be set up in minutes using data from Google Analytics, Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, SEMrush, and others, customers frequently find themselves consuming and sharing greater detail while saving an average of five to 500 reporting hours each month.

DashThis has relied on organic growth instead of venture funding, since its start in 2011 in the founder’s basement in Quebec, Canada. “We were one of the first marketing reporting tools on the market, and thanks to our in-depth understanding of the market and our audience and users, today we play in the big leagues, even competing against multi-million [dollar] companies like Google,” says Marie Lamonde, Content Marketing and Communications Specialist, DashThis.

User information safety requires ‘extreme care’

A core concern for businesses sharing data with a third-party vendor is whether or not that data remains secure. “[Our customers] use our tool to visualize and gather all their own marketing information, as well as their clients’. This kind of data can’t be accessible to any of these companies’ competitors. So we take extreme care when it comes to our user’s information safety. For our customers, as well as for us, it is of utmost importance that their data remain safe,” says Lamonde.

Francis Lessard DashThis quote

This made secure authorization a critical, but potentially time-consuming requirement for DashThis. “We had a pretty small team and needed a solution that would not take us long hours of work and maintenance. We also wanted a tool that would enable social login, as well as regular single-user login,” says DashThis Senior Front-End Developer Francis Lessard.

They turned to Auth0 for a full-featured, out-of-the-box solution.

Yearly savings for ‘always up-to-date’ solution

And implementation proved unexpectedly fast.

“We simply used the universal login to integrate Auth0 and User Management for our own in-house internal CRM, and Voilà! Everything was implemented and ready to go in a matter of seconds. Auth0 helps our users authenticate easily and [quickly],” says Lessard.

Francis Lessard DashThis quote

After saving 40 hours of developer time, Lessard says DashThis will continue to save a minimum of 15 hours per month in maintenance by choosing Auth0. “After several years this can really add-up quickly. Not only that, but Auth0 gave us peace of mind, knowing that we use a secured, maintained tool that is always up-to-date,” says Lessard.

With the goal of doubling their customer base in the next 24 months, that additional time will prove useful. “The fact that we don’t need to put any time into [identity] maintenance gives us the time to further improve [our] tool, making it even more user-friendly,” says Lessard.

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