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Facebook Analytics for Auth0

Leverage insights to enhance customer segmentation and product positioning to grow your business.


Auth0 seamlessly integrates with Facebook Analytics to deliver rich insights into your customer base. Leverage Auth0’s customizable registration and login process and discover new ways to drive retention and personalized engagement. Convert more users, retain more customers, and uncover new opportunities.

Key Features

Beyond Demographics

Go beyond simple demographic data, and include both professional and social data points to your analysis. Further, you can combine funnel analysis with the rich demographic data to identify the best segments for targeting and conversion.

  • Age & Gender breakdowns
  • Household income and spending habits
  • Employment and Education Information
  • Interests and Likes
  • Technology Usage

Works with Any Connection

Facebook Analytics for Auth0 works on any connection type – database, Google, Twitter, etc. Even if your users don’t login with Facebook, you will still uncover valuable insights.

Streamline Registrations

Get detailed demographic and social data from Facebook such as their education, brand likes, spending habits, and much more without resorting to intrusive tactics. With Auth0, you can streamline acquisition without the intrusive personal data consent questions and gain deep insights into your customer segments.

Improve Retention and Customer Lifetime Value

Create custom funnels and follow users through acquisition to authentication to any other action on your site.  Evaluate funnel drop-off rates to improve registration conversions, lead-up activities to key events such as purchasing and improve workflows to increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Facebook Analytics for Auth0

Understanding User Behaviour

Gain better understanding of not only who your users are, but also what they are doing on your site. With Facebook Analytics you can follow users through acquisition to authentication to any other action on your site. Create custom funnels to determine how successful your registration form is. This information can be used to learn when you lose customers which will help you modify your app to improve customer retention.

Omnichannel Analytics

A truly omnichannel solution, Auth0 Analytics integration with Facebook can help you understand your complete customer journey across all of your channels and devices. So, we will deliver a unified view of the customer, and you can personalize your digital touch points in the most optimum fashion.

Easy Setup

Setup of Facebook Analytics for Auth0 is quick and easy. In just a few minutes your Auth0 and Facebook Analytics integration is ready to start collecting data. To get started see the quickstart guide in our documentation.