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Fintech Basset & Gold Achieves Rapid Integration with Auth0

Seamless Branded Authentication Also Simplifies Password Resets

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Customers trust fintech Basset & Gold to invest thousands of pounds without ever seeing a human face. Yet the online investment company maintains a 98% recommendation on Reviews, with frequent comments about “ease of use” and the “helpful and friendly” account managers. Basset & Gold’s Chief Technology Officer Yuval Suede credits those reviews to the company’s dedication to giving customers the best service regardless of investment value. “We treat customers that invest £1,000 and a customer that invests £100,000 the same,” says Suede.

Providing everyday investors with the kind of attention and care, previously available only to large investors, is just one way B&G is looking to disrupt the financial services industry. The other is using technology to their greatest advantage in a heavily regulated environment.

Dramatic Growth Drives Need for Third-party Authentication

B&G’s emphasis on customer service is born from a team with deep roots in the financial services industry. This combination rapidly attracted thousands of clients. And with it, inevitable password resets on their in-house authentication system. “The [password reset] mechanism wasn’t that good,” says Suede. “I was tasked with managing passwords which was quite difficult.” So Suede turned to the company he often used for successful personal projects — Auth0.

Even though B&G had the skill to handle JWT and hosting passwords, Suede wanted to devote his time to scaling his core projects — especially with five or six application systems and a few backend systems in play. But every instance of logging in needed to look and feel like B&G to reassure their customers that they were providing info to the right place. “When we integrated Auth0, we made the UI as similar as possible to what we had previously,” says Suede.

Rapid Integration, Security Make Auth0 ‘Priceless’

As a UK-based company serving UK citizens, B&G is beholden to GDPR and all its derivatives, says Suede. “For us also it’s a big step to use a third party.” That integration needed to not only create a seamless customer experience, but it also needed to ensure security.

Basic integration with Auth0 took less than a week. With Suede drawing on a handful of Quickstart meetings with Auth0 to adapt the product to B&G’s unique needs, they were fully integrated after only five weeks. “The integration was very easy,” says Suede.

Currently, B&G is using Auth0 with a range of applications, including their new in-house customer relationship management system (CRM) built on Angular 7. And password-reset misery is a thing of the past, says Suede. “I think [Auth0] is priceless. A password management and protection consumes a lot of resources, thus relying on experts such as Auth0 is very cost-effective.”

Yuval Suede Basset & GoldBy offloading identity, Suede no longer has to worry about maintaining passwords and he’s increased security while providing his customers with a seamlessly branded experience that will grow alongside B&G, possibly expanding authentication into SMS and fingerprint biometrics.

“We’ve never had an issue that we couldn’t face with [Auth0] and we have full confidence in the product,” says Suede.

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