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Auth0 Provides GO1 with Adaptable Authentication Service Built to Scale

Auth0 SSO authentication saves GO1 more than $700,000 annually

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GO1 Team

With customers worldwide including Foxtel, Thrifty, Bohme, Cricket Australia, Suzuki, and the University of Oxford, GO1 has established itself as an industry leader in compliance and professional development training. Founded in 2015, the company has already expanded far beyond its Australian roots, establishing offices across five continents in just three years.

Much of the credit for this explosive growth belongs with GO1’s unique and innovative approach to online learning. Rather than build all of its training modules in house, GO1 partners with learning management system (LMS) providers throughout the world to create a massive repository of valuable content. This enables GO1 to connect high-quality training resources with the people who need them through one integrated training platform.

“You pay a monthly subscription and you then get access to all of the items in GO1 Premium, which is an ever-growing library with some of the best training providers from all over the world,” explains GO1 Co-Founder and CTO Chris Hood. “It’s an easy thing for businesses of all sizes to be able to access that material, and it’s region-specific.”

With such a rapidly growing customer base, ensuring that users on a wide range of systems and platforms are able to quickly and easily access GO1’s platform is a must. Auth0 was able to provide Single Sign On (SSO) support for GO1, securely streamlining the authentication process and allowing for broader integration.


“We started working with Auth0 around the enterprise customer base that wanted Single Sign On capabilities,” says Hood. “As we started getting bigger and bigger names, it became more and more of a standard request to say, ‘Can you integrate with our existing internal system?’ That’s where we went looking for something that would allow us to easily connect GO1 to whatever system they were using.”

Turning to Auth0 to provide SSO capability allowed GO1 to continue focusing its resources on improving its platform, expanding its user base, and forging new partnerships. While GO1 considered developing SSO technology in-house, the company recognized that its resources were better spent in service of core business solutions.

Chris Hood GO1 CTO Quote

“If we didn’t have Auth0, we’d probably need seven or eight developers focused on [identity],” says Hood. “Our teams now can spend much more time working on the improvements that our customers actually see and care about. Not having to spend time on that means that we get to spend time on everything else.”

By eliminating the need for these additional developers and related resources, GO1 saves in excess of $700,000 each year. And while an internal team would likely remain focused on maintaining the basic system, GO1 now enjoys the benefits of working with an industry leader capable of providing a more complete range of services.

“If we were doing it ourselves, we would probably integrate with SAML and that’s it,” says Hood, referencing one of the languages commonly used to exchange authentication and authorization data. “But the benefit we have here is we get to have all the different types of integration.”


Thanks in part to a new partnership forged with LMS giant Totara and integrated through Auth0’s SSO technology, GO1’s user base grew from 1 million users to 10 million users over the past year alone. The company also recently celebrated a new partnership with SEEK, a global job search company that offers GO1 an exciting new way to leverage their platform.

“We can start tapping into their networks as people see job ads appearing,” explains GO1 Vice President of Marketing Scott Cooper. “When they see the required prerequisites for a job, we can notify them that they can complete that training via GO1 to be able to then apply for that job. It’s a way for SEEK users to access training from GO1, to place themselves in jobs all over the world.”

This further expansion of GO1 services (and the anticipated user growth that comes with it) highlights one more benefit provided by Auth0: scalability.

“We’ve been growing really crazily,” says Hood. “On the technology side, there’s definitely been much more focus on scaling over the last 12 months or so. It’s not just about features, it’s about growing and building our user base.”

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