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Modern Identity Made Easy for Innovation Labs

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Modern Identity for Custom Apps Simplified

Modern Identity for Custom Apps Simplified

Auth0 is a modern identity company that helps innovation labs building custom applications, to transform their business by providing a secure cloud-based identity platform to better understand, efficiently manage and intelligently engage their users.

Modern identity means going beyond the login box. Many companies are starting to innovate with identity, adding services like passwordless logins, social logins and breached password and anomaly detection.  We help innovation labs bring modern identity into your innovations with ease and simplicity. With a few lines of code, you can quickly deploy the services to enrich your new offerings.

To learn more, read our blog Why Identity Matters for Innovation Labs. 

See Auth0 In Action

Try it now - click the highlighted code to choose different options, then try logging in or signing up on the phone screen to see how easy Auth0 is for both users and developers.

  1. var method =
    magiclink sms emailcode social
  2. var options = {
  3. Connections will only be enabled if social method is chosen
  4. connections:
    "github", "google-oauth2"] ["github", "windowslive"] ["github", "facebook"] ["facebook", "twitter"] ["facebook", "twitter", "windowslive", "google-oauth2"]
  5. primaryColor:
  6. icon:
  7. gravatar:
    true false
  8. };
  9. var lock = new Auth0LockPasswordless(cid, domain);
  10. lock[method](options);

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School

The pre-eminent school provides medical identity secured by Auth0.

“I’m a big proponent of letting experts do what they do best. If you get identity management wrong, it falls apart horribly, and you get put on the front page of the newspaper as having exposed a large number of people to really bad things. I didn’t want to rely on building it ourselves.”

— David Bernick, Harvard Medical School

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