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Why Use Auth0 vs Passport.js?

Auth0 is a free Auth as a Service that provides extra features and security without any extra code. Add 3 lines of code to any app and integrate with any identity provider by toggling a button.

Ease of Integration with Node.js

Ease of Integration with Node.js

Auth0 supports 40+ development stacks covering almost every development language or platform, including Node.js. Additionally, each SDK comes with a seed project and tutorial, both with live documentation, meaning your account information is pre-populated, so you just copy and paste working code from the documentation into your app.

Integrate any identity provider by toggling a button. Auth0 implements proven, common and popular identity protocols used in consumer oriented web products (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect) and in enterprise deployments (SAML, WS-Federation, LDAP).

“In an hour, I was able to prove this thing would work the way I wanted it to. That kind of productivity really sold me as well. I didn’t have to write difficult code for every IdP we needed to integrate with. It was just writing one thing, very simple, and that was it to implement secure authentication.”

— David Bernick, Director of Technology, Harvard Medical School Department of Bioinformatics

Extensibility: Fully Customize Auth

Extensibility: Fully Customize Auth

Auth0’s Rules functionality allows you to write Javascript code directly in the dashboard to customize the authentication and authorization pipeline. For example, you can whitelist email verification domains or block logins based on fraud indicators.

Auth0’s extensions allows you to ratchet on custom applications and functionality on top of our platform. This extensibility will ensure that any custom requirements can always be met.

Extra Security Without Writing Any Code

Extra Security Without Writing Any Code
  • With Auth0, you don’t need a third party MFA provider. Enable Auth0’s built-in multifactor authentication by toggling a button in the dashboard.
  • Easily enable anomaly detection and brute force protection to safeguard against fraudulent activity like brute force attacks and customers using previously breached passwords.

“Before any news sites reported on last year’s Heartbleed zero day vulnerability, Auth0 emailed us to alert us to the situation. There was already a patch to eliminate the Heartbleed threat from Auth0’s systems, followed by a confirmation email that Auth0 had already installed this patch on the Schneider Electric instance of Auth0’s service. Auth0 helps our platform team look really good.”

— Stephen Berard, Sr Global Software Architect, Schneider Electricic

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

Auth0 can be deployed virtually anywhere:

  • our multi-tenant standard cloud offering
  • a private cloud offering that Auth0 hosts
  • on your cloud environment
  • on your on-premises environment

“Compared to the costs and resources required to build, host, and secure a custom solution, the investment associated with a third-party authentication service like Auth0 was a sensible choice.”

— Cris Concepcion, Engineering Manager, Safari Books Online

Enterprise Features & Database Migration

Enterprise Features & Database Migration

Auth0 has 10 out of the box enterprise directory connections, including a real-time and outbound Active Directory/LDAP integration. With an outbound connection, your user’s data stays behind the firewall. Other enterprise connections include: ADFS, PingFederate, SAML, Sharepoint Apps, Google Apps, Office 365, Azure AD, etc.

Auth0 supports migrating multiple custom databases to the Auth0 database without forcing users to reset passwords.

Try Auth0 for Free

Try Auth0 for Free
  • HIPAA/BAA and SOC2 compliant: we comply with all best practices of identity management.
  • Annually reviewed by external security experts. Strong encryption and hashing algorithms for user data at rest and in transit.
  • Built by security experts, Auth0 has been used by 80,000+ developers around 167 countries.
  • Auth0 is forever free for 7,000 active users.

Sign up for free (no credit card required) and see why developers love Auth0’s ease of use. Copy and paste working code into sample apps provided to see how easy it is.

Or contact us for a demo of how Auth0 works.

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