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Nando's: Centralizing Identity and Access Management with Auth0

Nando’s needed a scalable IAM solution to centralize their B2E systems and address future authentication needs. Auth0 provided a robust IDaaS platform, enabling seamless integration with their proprietary IdP as well as distributed third party applications.

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Nando’s is an Afro-Portuguese chicken restaurant, famous for their South African flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. They have 1300 restaurants in five countries and are currently expanding with franchises all over the world. They started in South Africa in 1987 and began going global in 1992 when they opened restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They currently serve 4-5 million people each month and have 7 million registered loyalty customers.

Nando’s needed an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that could easily manage account linking, legacy identity providers, enterprise identity, distributed applications, and provisioning of users in a scalable, future-proof manner. After assessing several options, they selected Auth0 as the right IAM solution to address their needs.

The challenge

Nando’s was looking to unify identities across their internal systems and applications in a way that made information access simpler. Their applications were becoming more distributed and they needed a robust way to manage authentication.

Nando’s has roughly 1500 restaurant managers who tend to move around from restaurant to restaurant. It was important for internal employees to be able to manage their identity within the Nando’s ecosystem without having to remember many usernames and passwords.

“It becomes quite difficult for [restaurant managers] to remember which site to go onto, what username to use. So it’s really important for us to make that a really seamless experience for them, so not having to worry about username and passwords.”

-Juan Luow, Nando’s Applications Manager

Nando’s employs more than 14,000 workers in their restaurants. Using their internal app (called Nandoca), they needed a way to engage with employees on a more personal level to share information. It was also important to have a centralized way to provision new users to get them up and running very quickly, and deprovision employees who have left, removing permissions and access appropriately.

Furthermore, Nando’s needed an Identity and Access Management solution that would interface well with a legacy Active Directory identity provider they already had in place. The customer loyalty program and online ordering platforms needed to be bridged with the new solution.

Nando’s has an internal ecosystem of applications that also needed to be integrated with any IAM solution that they selected. This included JIRA, Zendesk, Amazon Web Services, and more. With so many distributed applications, it was vital that Single Sign-On authentication could appropriate access and manage provisioning for all applications seamlessly.

The Solution

Nando’s initially explored several potential IAM solutions. Because their existing identity provider was proprietary, they needed a solution that would make the transition from legacy easy. They also needed the platform to encompass what was needed now as well as accommodate growth and scalability for the future. Both B2E and B2C business cases needed to be addressed.

Auth0 provided Nando’s with the multifaceted approach that the business required in order to unify their authentication and access management, providing robust features, first-class security, scalability, and the best return on investment. With Auth0, Nando’s was able to easily integrate multiple internal platforms such as online ordering and customer loyalty, as well as authenticate an internal employee application with passwordless SMS authentication.

As a member of the regulated food and restaurant industry, Nando’s adheres to several types of regulations. These regulations include:

  • Health and safety and pest control
  • Regulation with regard to the storing of customer information
  • Financial regulations regarding transactions and the storage of credit card information

Nando’s highly values their customers’ security. This makes protection of customer data extremely important to the company. Nando’s wants customers to know that when they share information with them, they do so knowing that Nando’s will safeguard that data with utmost trust and respect.

“Having just one authentication access point makes [customer information] really easy and simple for us to monitor and maintain. And also, because [Auth0 has] the relevant security checks that we’re looking for, there is that confidence in the solution in the future.”

-Juan Luow, Nando’s Applications Manager

Auth0 also provided powerful features and integrations. Nando’s was able to easily authenticate with the distributed applications the business relies on, such as JIRA, Zendesk, AWS, and more. In addition, Nando’s uses Active Directory internally and Auth0 enabled seamless integration with their existing, on-premise identity management.


“We love the fact that [Auth0 is] a scalable solution and is robust, and I think those are the core principles that we wanted to try to strive towards ourselves.”

-Juan Luow, Nando’s Applications Manager

Nando’s found Auth0’s solution easy to engage with, providing a great experience throughout the proof of concept as well as implementation. The process was lauded by the technology director as well as the lead developer and solutions architect. Nando’s was seeking to establish a trusting relationship with their IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) platform and found Auth0 to be a great match for that partnership.

“…From the pre-sales guys to the negotiations, it was probably one of the easiest contracts I’ve ever had to create. The Technology Director, when he got it handed to him, said it was a near-on perfect contract. So it’s just little things like that that make the whole journey just an incredible experience.”

—Juan Luow, Nando’s Applications Manager

Nando’s was also able to leverage the powerful customization and extensible features of Auth0. They implemented Rules to customize their authentication process for different integrations, enabling implementation of additional encryption tokens for third party services such as AWS. They also leveraged serverless webtasks to perform logging.


Conclusion: Looking to the future

“…Having an application which we can funnel through all of our identity certainly is going to help us to achieve some of the objectives that the GDPR had set out, and we certainly see Auth0 as being a core part of achieving those objectives.”

— Juan Luow, Nando’s Applications Manager

Auth0 supplies the scalability and features to support Nando’s needs and goals now as well as for the future. Some of Nando’s identity aspirations with Auth0 include Single Sign-on with social identity providers, in-store identification for the customer loyalty program, and potentially, contactless mobile payments. Juan Luow, Applications Manager for Nando’s, cited that the company is excited to have a solution that can address future complexity with multiple robust authentication solutions, such as Passwordless and Multifactor Authentication. Auth0 enables Nando’s to operate with flexibility now as well as to adapt easily to new authentication needs they may have in the future.

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