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Auth0 Accelerates Sales Cookie Dev With 2-Week Setup Period

Startup Sales Commission Software Saves $300,000 Annually

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If your sales team discovers their commissions aren’t being calculated accurately, you’ve just discovered a growth barrier and maybe the need to amp your recruiting efforts. Startup Sales Cookie, leading innovator of sales performance management software, provides a cloud-based solution specifically for quickly calculating commissions.

Commissions are the number one motivating factor for the efficiency of your sales team. So you have to get it right,” says Dominic Pouzin, CTO and Co-Founder, Sales Cookie.

With customers like Advantage Medical, Design Pickle, and North Star Payroll, Sales Cookie is helping companies organize their sales transactions, calculate incentives, and keep their sales force focused on selling. “Not understanding commissions can eat into your efficiency quite hard. You can see sales reps spending an hour a day making sure they were credited for all the deals they were supposed to,” explains Pouzin.

To Pouzin, the issue of commissions is most glaring for smaller companies that don’t have the resources to create processes like participant enrollment and incentive plan design. “They don’t have enough automation. All they do is send Excel spreadsheets with commissions, and those get left behind in print copy rooms, in conference rooms, on employee desks, and calculations can get quite complicated.”

Single Sign On, Future-proofed Authentication Fully Enabled in 2 weeks

For a startup creating a robust sales software solution, moving quickly is critical to achieve the desired time to market. An inability to launch can prove terminal in the fast-paced startup environment. Fortunately, Sales Cookie, with its headquarters in downtown Bellevue, WA, was able to find a partner in their neighborhood to move with agility.

It started with speed of development, being able to authenticate easily and quickly, and going through more detail. If you look at code samples that [some identity competitors] provide to implement Single Sign On (SSO) on their platform, they are broken. They don’t work anymore because it’s static information and authentication is changing all the time.

Figuring out an answer would be a challenge and take away from time dedicated to developing their software, and that’s why finding the right authentication solution landed at the top of Sales Cookies’ to-do list. Pouzin wanted a dynamic partner in tune with the changing identity landscape — and one that could be setup easily — so his team could focus on their product.

For us to get connected to Auth0 took about two weeks of work, but once you make that two-week investment, you’re good to go.

Auth0 Supports Frictionless Lead Generation, Boosts Sales Cookie’s ROI

Once you get the ability to log into your Auth0 dashboard and can just enable all these other things, it makes it so easy to log in with different services and reduce any barrier… With Auth0, you implement it once, and then you basically get access to all these services, and that makes it easier for a new startup like us to help our customers because they can log in with their Facebook account. It might not be the account they use in the end because we are an enterprise business solution, but to do a trial or evaluate a solution, it’s a huge benefit.

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Pouzin also says using a third party for identity management means critical savings for Sales Cookie, especially at this stage.

SSO is extremely important for us. When it comes to SSO and enterprise logins and those kind of scenarios, it would cost a company quite a bit of money to have more senior devs to implement that.” He notes without Auth0, he would dedicate a team of two developers to handle identity management at a cost of approximately $150,000 each per year.

Auth0 is a one-time investment that saves you so much money over time and over all the login types you can have… it’s been a great investment here.

About Auth0

Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), provides thousands of customers in every market sector with the only identity solution they need for their web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. Its extensible platform seamlessly authenticates and secures more than 2.5 billion logins per month, making it loved by developers and trusted by global enterprises. The company’s U.S. headquarters in Bellevue, WA, and additional offices in Buenos Aires, London, Tokyo, and Sydney, support its global customers that are located in 70+ countries.

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