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Servcorp Saves Months of Development Time Thanks to Auth0

Auth0 reduces onboarding time for each new application from weeks to one day

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Servcorp SingaporeServcorp is a dominant force in the work space industry boasting a presence on 4 continents, 60 cities and 25 countries. Their clients include many Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes.

“Google and Dell are clients,” explains Matthew Baumgartner, Servcorp’s Global Chief Information Officer. “We’ve got large multinationals, SME’s and startups, as well as our growing community of approximately 40,000 coworkers.”

Servcorp offers clients a full suite of services, from offices to hot desks, a team to delegate to, right through to a receptionist to answer your calls. Clients have flexibility without requiring a risky long-term commitment. “We focus exclusively on service and feel our clients will be far more successful when they choose Servcorp over a competitor or even traditional office space,” says Baumgartner.


Servcorp has developed a new Technology Platform to provide clients with a competitive edge, giving them instant access to products, services and a global business community. But new applications can demand customers log in multiple times to access different parts of the business which can be cumbersome. “We had a holistic look at our digital customer experience and saw it was quite fragmented,” says Baumgartner. “Our clients were having to remember multiple credentials to access various Servcorp systems. It was clear we needed to consolidate our experience and allow clients to have a single login for all interactions.”

Matthew Baumgartner Quote ServcorpServcorp was seeking a company that could help them unify that authentication process, but they also needed a company that could meet their unique requirements. Auth0 was able to step in and provide single sign on functionality while providing Servcorp with the necessary support to migrate resources to the new system at its own pace.

“We were looking for something that would give us not only a single sign on or unified experience down the track, but something that offered us a very clean migration path from the disparate sources we had across Servcorp,” explains Baumgartner. “[Auth0’s] custom login scripts were very important as this meant we could do rolling migrations, which significantly decreased project risk. That whole migration strategy, no one else could do.”


With Auth0 handling authentication and identification services, Servcorp’s developers are free to focus on projects that serve and expand the company’s primary business goals. To Baumgartner, the ability to focus these resources where they are needed is key.

“It’s all about [our developers] delivering value to Servcorp and building the things that really make a difference to our clients,” he explains. “While identity is certainly a critical part of our digital customer experience, I’d much prefer them building features and functionality that help our clients’ businesses succeed.”

Matthew Baumgartner Quote Servcorp

Servcorp has discovered that the services provided by Auth0 can help them reduce projects that used to take weeks to just days — or even less.

“One of the biggest things we’re seeing at the moment is the reduction in time taken to onboard a new application,” says Baumgartner. “Without having to re-architect or repeat the application of standard policies, we know precisely what’s going to happen and the time to onboard a new application has gone down from weeks to around a day.”

In addition to specific services provided, Baumgartner notes that Auth0’s hands-on, personalized approach is a key aspect of the relationship.

“One of the other things I think [Auth0 is] doing particularly well is customer success,” he says. “We’ve had a fantastic experience with the customer success team here in Sydney. They’ve been here with us every step of the way and we feel very connected to those guys.”

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