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Unlock Enterprise Growth with Single Sign-On

Learn 3 ways to reduce churn and drive enterprise growth by enabling Single Sign-On.

Selling SaaS to the Enterprise

As enterprises adopt more cloud and SaaS technologies, their IT team faces increasing pressure to manage the security of user access to various cloud applications. For SaaS companies that want to grow their enterprise customer base, addressing this need for security and ease of login can make a difference. By allowing enterprises to use their existing credentials to log into your app, you can increase user adoption, reduce churn and get faster time to market.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is the ability to log in once and remain signed in to other apps regardless of the platform, technology, or domain the user is using. This one click access to any application, without being prompted a second time for credentials is a value add to the end user and to the IT/engineering team managing access to those apps.

The impact of SSO on revenue

It may start with an enterprise lead asking for the ability to sign in with their Active Directory or LDAP credentials. As your engineering team starts configuring each request, you realize that it’s taking more time than you expect. By providing Single Sign-On through a third party service like Auth0, you can implement SSO in minutes for any enterprise customer.

  1. Cut development time and regain IT/development productivity.
    • Enable enterprise integrations in minutes. Auth- provides a real-time and outbound connection with Active Directory/LDAP.
    • Auth0 is flexible, easy to integrate and scalable. Choose from any 40+ SDKs for any development stack.
    • Allow developers and IT to spend more time on core business logic.
  2. Easily onboard new customers demanding login with their credentials and their security standards.
    • Faster sales cycle
    • Reduced churn as users can easily log in
    • Upsell your customers advanced features like single sign on (SSO), enterprise connections, and enhanced security features with ease.
    • Allow your customers to manage the administration of user accounts and access through a user friendly dashboard.
    • Real-time user provisioning and de-provisioning.
  3. Provide a better user experience for the consumer that expects ease of use in addition to security.

Bulletproof security

For the end user, provide extra layers of security while making the login process easy and smooth. Get all of these security features at a flip of a switch:

  • Biometric/passwordless login allows users to securely log in with email, SMS or Apple Touch ID. 
  • 2-factor and multifactor authentication with SMS or a third party token generator (Duo or Google Authenticator)
  • Anomaly detection and brute force protection will block the hacker’s IP address after too many attempts, and the application owner will be notified by email.
  • Breached password detection protects and notifies users when their credentials are leaked by a data breach of a third party, such as social providers.

How Scheider Electric acheived fast time to market with SSO

With the help of Auth0’s customer success team, Schneider Electric implemented a quick and successful proof of concept trial.

“The Auth0 platform makes it easier for our developers and engineers to swiftly implement something ordinarily complicated. We’ve saved time, money, manpower (and a headache or two) when it comes to federated identity management. More importantly, Auth0 provides a value which translates to direct security and efficiency benefits for our company and a better user experience for our customers.”

— Stephen Berard, Schneider Electric

How Safari Books Online grew their customer base by offering SSO

An O’Reilly company, Safari Books Online provides enterprise companies with online training resources. Their entire implementation, from Web proof of concept to mobile implementation to the pilot, took less than two months.

“Setting up our application to integrate with one partner and then having that partner act as a service hub for dozens of identity systems helps simplify work for our core development teams, while allowing our customer base to grow exponentially.”

— Cris ConcepcionSafari Books Online

Try Auth0 for Free

Capture enterprise deals and regain developer and IT productivity with Single Sign-On. Auth0 can authenticate your users with any identity provider running on any stack, any device or cloud. It provides Single Sign-On, Multifactor Authentication, Social Login, and several more features. Built by security experts, Auth0 can be hosted anywhere and sits on top of existing infrastructure, making it the easiest way to integrate robust identity management.

Integrate Auth0 with any app or website for free. No credit card required. Copy and paste working code into sample apps provided to see how it works.

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