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Auth0 Authentication-as-a-Service Offer For Y Combinator Companies

Free use of our most full-featured subscription plan for up to 1M active users for two years. A $2M+ value, free for 2017 and 2018's Y Combinator companies.

The best authentication-as-a-service platform, free for two years? Seriously?

YC offerYes, you read that correctly ?. 2017 and 2018’s Y Combinator companies receive Auth0’s most complete plan* for free for two years. That means all Auth0 features – enterprise, social, username/password and passwordless authentication and authorization, along multi-factor authentication and anomaly detection, can be securely integrated into your app, API or IoT devices within a few hours, giving you more time to focus on your core business logic.
This offer is only for new Y Combinator companies, and must be activated with an email to before Y Combinator Demo Day.
Want to know what great features you will be getting? Read more below!

* Premium Support, SLA, SOC2, HIPAA/BAA, and On-Premises are not included in the promotion.

Why Auth0?

Save time. Be happy. Focus on what really matters.

Auth0 is built for developers. With it, adding authentication to your application is a breeze. Add features like single sign on, multifactor authentication (MFA), social login, and more in just minutes. Instead of worrying about your authentication component’s implementation details, testing, bugs, and extensibility, you can just focus on your application’s business logic.

Single Sign On

Single sign on provides your users with a seamless authentication experience when they navigate either through the applications or APIs you have built, and/or third party apps. Once you log into one of these applications, you won’t have to enter your credentials again when using another app, as you will be automatically logged in all of them, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain.

You can also enable single sign on for any SAML-enabled SAAS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, ConcurDropbox, Slack, and many others!

The best part? Adding single sign on with Auth0 is as easy as flipping a switch!

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a method of strongly verifying the identity of users by requiring several separate authentication factors.

MFA provides increased security to your critical applications. With Auth0, it’s easy to perform step-up authentication using MFA when abnormal situations are detected, such as login from a different device or location. MFA requires the user to have two or more types of credentials (or other authentication factors) before being able to access an account; while any arbitrary factors can be easily implemented, a popular approach is to use a one-time password (OTP) provided by an “authenticator” mobile app; popular authenticator apps are available in the iOS, Android and Windows Phone stores from Google, Duo Security, Microsoft, or Auth0. Using MFA means that even if one of your user’s password is stolen, the user’s account will remain protected by the additional authentication factor.
MFA can be implemented in minutes in the Auth0 platform. Auth0 out-of-the-box supports popular OTP apps like Google or Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Security or Auth0 Guardian. Note that because Auth0 is an easily-extensible platform, you can actually use any MFA provider or build your own, and integrate them through Auth0’s extensibility.

Social Login

Social Login is single sign-on for end users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, the user can sign into a third party website instead of creating a new account specifically for that website. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.

Auth0 supports every popular social providers out-of-the-box, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo,Windows Live, LinkedIn, GitHub, and PayPal, and it’s easy to add any other OAuth-based social identity provider.

As with most of Auth0’s features, social login is available at the flip of the switch of the selected social network providers, configure them, and you are good to go!

Passwordless Authentication

Auth0 supports Passwordless authentication, which allows users to login without a password. Usually this is achieved by sending a magic link (i.e. a URL to click to accomplish a log in) through SMS or email. The user can click on the link on their device and will be automatically logged in to the app.

Instead of sending a magic link via SMS or email, fingerprint authentication through Touch ID can also be used to authenticate the user.

Implementing TouchID authentication for your iOS app is easy with Auth0. All that is needed is to flip a switch in Dashboard → Connections → Passwordless after integrating the Auth0 iOS SDK!

Lock - The Login Box Done Right

Our Lock widget is a beautifully designed, all-in-one, embeddable login box for your apps. It provides sign up, sign in, password reset, password strength testing, and other features that are ready to go. The widget’s styles can be easily customized to line up with your brand, and you can use one of our pre-made themes to help.

Anomaly Detection

Auth0 provides built-in tools to detect anomalies and stop malicious attempts to access your application. Anomaly detection can alert you and your users of suspicious activity, as well as block further login attempts. You can set your preferences on the notifications that get sent and whether to block a suspicious IP address.

High Extensibility Through Auth0 Rules

Rules are JavaScript code snippets that allow easy control and customization of the login process. Rules are an easy way to address that inevitable exception in an identity environment – integration with marketing or analytics tools, whitelisting and other forms of access control, triggering a webhook, and so on.

See the Rules documentation for more information.