Log streaming

Monitor Auth0 activity and stream event data to trigger custom business logic

What is log streaming?

Application data collection and analysis is critical to an organization’s success. Without visibility into activity data, organizations are unable to analyze performance, missing out on user optimization opportunities. In more severe cases, a lack of visibility into application and activity data can lead to missed security events. In comes log streaming, a way for organizations to ingest Auth0 activity data and receive real-time monitoring and alerts to react to security events and optimize performance.

How it fits within the Auth0 ecosystem

Since launching log streaming in our Marketplace, we’ve continued to enhance our log stream features for more scalable, easier to use log streams. Log streaming flexibility allows users to select which log-type categories you want to stream, meaning you can filter exactly what data you want to see, directly at the source. The result is better defined log streams that only send relevant data.

Our log streaming integrations

As we continue to invest in log streaming, we’ve collaborated with partners to create custom log streaming integrations built on APIs rather than webhooks to allow for two-way communication between applications. Check out our Auth0-built custom log streaming integrations.


The Mixpanel integration provides fast, flexible, and easy-to-use product analytics, getting developers the answers they need, quickly. Mixpanel’s reporting makes it easy to find root causes of user drop off and growth, in order to better serve your customers.

Mixpanel on Auth0 Marketplace


Built by Auth0, the Twilio Segment integration is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) log streaming solution that provides companies with the data foundation to build complete customer profiles. With this integration, you can collect, unify, and route customer data into any system to better understand customers and create seamless, compelling experiences in real-time.

Segment on Auth0 Marketplace

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