Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your applications by using these popular SMS providers.

What is SMS & MFA?

MFA offers another layer of protection to user login flows, by requiring at least two forms of authentication. There are multiple forms of authentication that can be used in MFA: something you know like a PIN, something you have, such as a cell phone, and something you are such as biometric data. SMS (something you have) is a common way to enable MFA in consumer facing apps for its ease of use and lack of disruption to the user experience.

How does SMS & MFA fit in the Auth0 ecosystem?

Auth0 supports a number of different authentication factors, giving businesses and end users the flexibility they need to to authenticate how they want. In addition to our own MFA solutions, we’ve partnered with SMS & MFA providers to improve the user experience while reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your applications.

Our SMS & MFA Partners

Our SMS & MFA partners allow you to enable MFA through popular SMS providers for easy, secure access that doesn’t impede the end user experience.


ClickSend’s SMS integration for Auth0 ensures valuable authentication text messages are delivered on time, globally. ClickSend is a GDPR compliant SMS gateway powering billions of messages globally using tier 1 direct routes, removing the frustration of undelivered or slow MFA text to arrive.

ClickSend on Auth0 Marketplace
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Plivo’s SMS authentication allows you to seamlessly send SMS messages with MFA codes. Plivo’s enterprise-grade communications platform leverages a premium carrier network with global connectivity, and an API platform for messaging and voice calls.

Plivo on Auth0 Marketplace
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Spryng makes it easy to send MFA or one time passwords (OTP) securely to your end users. These secure, reliable, and fast one-time passwords are delivered within seconds, using Spryng’s global connectivity to 1,000+ networks across almost 200 countries

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