Deliver Targeted Content How Consumers Want

Streaming, online gaming, and digital publications are today's go-to entertainment. To earn your customers' trust, deliver content how they want it - frictionless and secure.

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  • First-party
  • Unify


Make Every Customer Feel Unique

Consumers want streaming platforms, gaming, and media to recommend content that demonstrates brands understand them. First-party data enables brands to delight customers and monetize insights.

  • Attract Advertisers

    Capture the first-party data critical for digital entertainment and media firms to attract advertisers, helping close the subscription revenue gap.

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  • Stay Relevant - Micropersonalize

    Every customer is an individual, so recognize and engage them as one. Use data to deliver a tailored experience, through relevant shoppable content and personalized content recommendations.

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  • Secure Chain of Custody

    Avoid slowing down work or building barriers between teams. Secure access across the media supply chain by taking advantage of continuous monitoring, customizations to user flows, and extensibility with a centrally managed single source for identity data and access rights.



Deliver an Experience-Driven, Secure Customer Journey

Consumers want a mix of subscription, free, and ad-supported content tailored to their unique interests, with the ability to engage that content on any device, anytime, anywhere. With the peace of mind that their data is always secure.

  • Create a Secure Unified Brand

    Unify multiple content formats and channels under a common brand identity, and deliver a consistent customer experience with a world-class security platform.

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  • Peace of Mind and Trust

    Trust goes beyond secure log-in. Gaming, media, and streaming entertainment sites must demonstrate subscriber personal data is secure at every step in the journey.

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  • 360 Customer View

    Digital publishers and gaming platforms are improving recommendations, shoppable content offers, content mixes, and advertising revenues by operationalizing subscriber insights. This is based on a 360-degree understanding of behaviors through secure data-driven interactions.

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Individualize Each Customer’s Experience

Customers want their individuality acknowledged and reflected in the genre, formats and mix of subscribed/free content recommendations made. Operationalizing real-time customer interactions is key to delivering the type of personalized experiences that increase conversion.

  • Easy to Use

    Security, authentication, identity access, and industry standards like COPPA, CCPA, and GDPR can be confusing. The last thing you need is complicated software. Try Auth0 quickstarts for any platform or framework.

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  • Direct To Consumer Interactions

    Accelerate your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) business and monetization models with centralized customer identity stores, and complete Customer 360 data profiles across all content channels.

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  • Uptime, Guaranteed

    Strengthen trust by consistently delivering sub-second response times, Five 9s uptime, clearly defined and enforced consent lifecycle management, and access controls that easily scales for increasing volume of users.

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Monetize Your Content

Simplify and streamline the subscribers’ experience by removing paywall friction. Define strategically targeted segments for advertisers that improve sales conversion rates and deepen user relationships.

  • Implement Identity-Driven Apps Faster

    Done right, identity helps the business. Social Logins can help gamers get playing quicker. Universal Login can make it easier to manage identity and push updates across multiple games or applications.

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  • Solve Media Commerce Challenges

    Help your offering thrive by crafting engaging (and personalized) audience interactions with Auth0.

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  • Make Paywalls Work

    Learn how step-up authentication can offer a way for media companies to balance security and UX, by only demanding that users enter their credentials under certain circumstances.

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  • Attract and Retain More Subscribers

    Consumers are now accessing gated content, customer portals or smart devices in ways and at a scale never seen before. The most successful companies are passionate about delivering a customer experience that will help them drive growth.

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