Bringing the Digital Subscriber
Closer to You

Build a 360-degree view of the corporate and consumer subscriber and personalize both content and ad placements

Digital Subscriber Profile
Digital Subscriber Login


Get Closer To The Subscriber

Relevance begins with knowing your subscriber, and that starts at login. With the growing influence of social media on millennial subscribers, publishers and media brands are increasingly leveraging first-party data from social logins to enhance the user experience, influence social conversations around recommendations and content discovery; and leverage rich user profiles to deliver personalized content and ads.

First PartyFirst Party


Single View of the Customer

Consolidate authentication across all your digital properties and build a single view of the digital subscriber. In today’s omnichannel world and with the rise of programmatic ad buying, the single view will not only enable you to create a compelling case for your premium ad inventory, but it will also support you in curating the right content for your target audience segments.


Personalize To Be Relevant

How many times have we “skipped” or ignored irrelevant ads for products or services that we simply don’t need? Relevance begins with social logins but ends with personalization. Making ads more relevant- especially contextually relevant- can go a long way in converting impressions to customers. Finally, with the right DMP integrations, you can segment the audience segments efficiently and serve the most relevant content and ads in real time.


Streamline Enterprise Subscriptions

Your corporate clients demand Federation, and with Federation, you can simplify the onboarding process for group subscriptions. Federation can be a long, drawn-out process to get right for just one customer. Auth0 creates truly “turnkey” enterprise federation that is scalable for multiple customers at one time, saving weeks and even months with minimal effort.

Streamline Enterprise Subscriptions