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How It Works

Choose the multi-factor authentication method that is right for your users – SMS, third-party authenticators, and more. Or choose Guardian and let your users authenticate with the tap of a button.

Defense In Depth

Over 50% of users admit to reusing the same password for multiple services, so even if your authentication system follows all the best practices, a compromised account elsewhere can lead to unauthorized access in your system.

With multi-factor authentication, even if the user's password is compromised- the bad guys can't get in.

iPhone with Guardian app
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Easy To Use

Easy to use

Users are security-conscious but experience trumps all. The Guardian app removes the need for fiddly codes - approve or deny a login attempt from your smartphone.

Push notifications simplify the process even further. Approve or deny login requests without ever opening the app. It even works with your Android Wear or Apple Watch.

White-label multifactor icon

White-label multi-factor

Use the Guardian Mobile SDKs — available for iOS and Android — to build your own white-label multifactor authentication application with complete control over the branding and look-and-feel.

You can also use our JavaScript library to extend and customize the Guardian widget to suit your web application's specific needs and individual style.


Users don’t need the Guardian app or even a smartphone to benefit from the protection of our advanced MFA features. Any phone capable of receiving SMS text messages can be used to receive one-time codes.

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For whenever a user cannot access their mobile device for authentication, they can choose to use their verified email to complete authentication.

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Your Choice

Our MFA solution works everywhere. Use the Guardian iOS or Android app to receive push notifications, get one-time codes delivered via SMS or connect with a third party token generation app such as Google Authenticator.

How To Enable

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Implementing MFA in your app with Guardian is as simple as flipping a switch, no code required.

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