Simple and secure Identity

Secure your apps without compromising on user experience. Get top-notch tools that intuitively guide and protect users.

Attack Protection

Guard your application against bot attacks. Track anomalies rooted in suspicious IPs, breached credentials, or unusual user activities.

Graphic showing how Auth0 uses Attack Protection features to safeguard identity from bot attacks and breached credentials.

Bot detection and prevention

Harness the power of threat intelligence. Keep automated attacks, like credential stuffing, at bay.

Bot Detection docs

Powerful brute-force protection

Hold the line against rapid-fire login attempts aiming to crack account access.

Brute-Force Protection docs

Breached credentials detection

In real-time, find out if login details match any credentials in known security breaches.

Breached Passwords docs

Adaptive multi-factor authentication

Only trigger MFA when user behavior seems out of the ordinary, ensuring security without aggravating genuine users.

Diagram showing different devices following by various adaptive MFA methods leading to a successful login.

Step-up authentication

Find the sweet spot between rigid security and user convenience. Allow basic access with standard credentials while ramping up verification for high-risk resources and operations.

Step-up Auth docs

Security Center

Gain a consolidated, dev-oriented perspective on authentication events, potential breaches, and odd behaviors. Monitor the impact of security measures on user logins and conversion metrics.

Security Center docs

Automate bot counteraction

Use machine learning to discern multiple threat indicators, refining your mitigation strategy accordingly.

Go further with login security

Explore how Auth0 fuses secure, reliable protection with a seamless user experience.