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Auth0 Logo

This is the Auth0 Logo and should be used in most situations, either on light or dark backgrounds. Don’t separate or rearrange the logotype and the badge symbol.

Auth0 Main Logo
Main Logo

This is the main Auth0 logo. This version should be used whenever posible. It works best over white or light grey backgrounds.

Auth0 Inverted Logo
Inverted Logo

The inverted version is designed to work well on dark backgrounds.

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Glyph and Product's Logos

The Auth0 glyph is used whenever there are space constrains where the main logo would not fit, such as a small square or circle. Product logos such as Lock and Passwordless work best on dark backgrounds. Guardian and Webtask logos are designed for light backgrounds.

Auth0 Glyph
Lock Logo
Passwordless Logo
Guardian Logo
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Monotone Logos

Our monotone logos should be used only when no color printing our display is possible or when color is muted by design.

Auth0 Logo Monotone Black
Monotone black
Auth0 Logo Monotone White
Monotone white
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