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June 2015

Auth0 secures $6.9M to help app developers simplify user logins

Much like Twilio, Auth0 uses the cloud to let developers worry about their application, not the backend of connecting users to a service. “Identity [verification] is a pain to implement,” Gelsey said. “It can take a long time to get it right. It’s easy to do it wrong and leave vulnerabilities open. And we make it really easy.”

Auth0 Scores $6.9M for Authentication API

[Auth0 is] one of a growing class of companies providing APIs to developers who can then compose apps with the preconfigured chunks of code, rather than writing each line of code independently. Investors have backed a dozen or such API companies in recent years, including payments company Stripe, background check company Checkr, location mapping services company Mapbox and natural language interface company, which Facebook acquired earlier this year.

How one Bellevue startup has raised $9M — without even trying

Bellevue-based Auth0 announced a Series A funding round of almost $6.9 million last week. CEO Jon Gelsey said the round probably should have been called a Series B instead of A because of the health of the company’s financials.

September 2014

Auth0’s Security Tools Open Doors for Clients

Auth0 CEO Jon Gelsey says his company is riding the "developers-are-the-new-CIOs" wave. Because cloud computing is replacing traditional software, and the complexity of application development has increased, developers now decide the infrastructure and tools used by even the largest corporations in the world. That's opened up a market for entrepreneurs who want to make developers' lives easier and software better.

Auth0 raises $2.4M to help developers plug into identity platforms like Facebook

CEO Jon Gelsey told me that Auth0 (for those of you who have the same question I did: It’s pronounced “auth-zero”) is trying to solve a problem that team members faced themselves when they worked as developers, namely that it’s “really painful to integrate identity into a new version of my application.”