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No credit card needed.

Start building for free.

7,500 monthly active users with unlimited logins, plus...

  • Any type of application

  • Password Authentication with Email, Username or Phone Number

  • Passkey Authentication

  • Social Authentication (Google, Facebook, etc.)

  • Branded forms (Login, Signup, etc.)

  • Javascript for custom logic during login, signup, etc. (Actions)

  • Basic Attack Protection

  • Community Support


$35/ month

For projects with higher production demands.

Start building for free. Upgrade when you’re ready.

Everything in Free, with 500 monthly active users, plus...

  • Use Your Own Domain

  • Higher End-User Authentication & API Limits

  • Magic Link & SMS Authentication

  • Role-based Access Control

  • Stream Auth0 Audit Logs to Datadog, Splunk, AWS, Azure, etc.

  • Increased Feature Limits

  • Separate Production & Development Environments

  • Standard Support


$240/ month

Best for teams and projects that need added security.

Start building for free. Upgrade when you’re ready.

Everything in Essentials, with up to 1000 monthly active users, plus...

  • Use your existing User Database for Logins

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (with OTP)

  • Enhanced Attack Protection

  • Enterprise MFA Lite

  • Service Authorization



For enterprises that need to scale. Top-tier SLAs, advanced security, white-glove support and more.

Everything in Professional plus...

  • Custom User & SSO Tiers

  • 99.99% SLA

  • Enterprise Rate Limits

  • Enterprise Administration & Support

  • Advanced Security Features

  • Private Deployment


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Enterprise add-ons to fit your needs

Enterprise MFA

Enterprise MFA

In addition to Pro MFA features, Enterprise MFA allows for one-time codes delivered via SMS/Email, WebAuthn and push notifications to the Auth0 Guardian app or your white-label app using our SDK.

Read the docs
Attack Protection

Attack Protection

Keep your users and services safe from password leaks, intruders, and scripted attacks from bots. Protect and notify your users when credentials are leaked or during an attempted account takeover.

Read the docs
Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A low-friction, dedicated Auth0 deployment model for enhanced performance, security, and compliance over our standard public cloud offering.

Read the docs
Adaptive MFA

Adaptive MFA

Protect against malicious attacks with minimal impact to your users. Adaptive MFA is designed to only be triggered when a login is suspected to be risky via different risk profiles.

Read the docs
Machine to Machine Tokens

Machine to Machine Tokens

Easily facilitate secure communication between your API and both non interactive external clients as well as internal APIs with the flip of a switch and standard based protocols. M2M add-ons are also available on Professional self-service plans.

Read the docs
Highly Regulated Identity

Highly Regulated Identity

Secure sensitive customer operations beyond login with Financial Grade Identity™ controls (Strong Customer Authentication, FAPI protocols).

Read the docs
Advanced Extensibility

Advanced Extensibility

Unlock deep customization to meet your unique needs for Customer Identity. With Actions, Forms for Actions (available in EA), and Auth0 Marketplace, leverage Actions and Forms (within platform performance limits) to customize and extend Identity with both pro- and no-code solutions.

Read the docs


Auth0 can provide compliance for several standards including HIPAA via a Business Associate Agreement and PCI compliant environments.

Read the docs

Special plans for special organizations


Congrats on building something extraordinary. Let us make your customer login experience awesome so you can focus on everything else. Did we mention our startup program is free for a year?

Auth0 for Startups


Our mission is to support your mission. Reduce security and compliance risks, improve your donor and volunteer experience, and enhance your technology investments - all with a simple login box.

Auth0 for Nonprofits

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Get started with Free plan


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External Active UsersUp to 7,500Custom Tiers AvailableCustom Tiers AvailableCustom Tiers Available
Machine to Machine Authentication1,0001,0005,0005,000
M2M Add-onNoNoYesYes
Social Connections2UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom Social Connections
Auth0 Database Connection
External Database
Enterprise ConnectionsCustom Tiers Available
Okta ConnectionsUnlimited
OrganizationsCustom Tiers Available
Home Realm Discovery
Long Lived Sessions
Configurable Login Experience
Custom Domains
Email Workflow
Customize Signup & Login
Actions + Forms351030 + Add-on
The Actions Library
Pro Forms
Security & Compliance
Brute Force Protection
Suspicious IP Throttling
Enhanced Password Protection
Basic Breached Password Detection
Credential GuardAdd-on
Bot DetectionAdd-on
Number of MFA Factors Enrolled0012 + Add-on
Pro MFA Factors
Enterprise MFA FactorsAdd-on
Adaptive MFAAdd-on
FAPI certified Security ProfileAdd-on
Enterprise MFA LiteAdd-onAdd-on
Compliance Certifications
User Management
User Import
Custom Attributes
Role Management
Account Linking
Number of Production Tenants012Unlimited
Number of Development/Staging Tenants124Unlimited
Number of Admin/Contributors377Unlimited
Admin Access ControlsAdminAdmin and ViewerAdmin, Viewer and EditorAdmin, Viewer and Editor
Auth0 Dashboard SSO
Log Retention1 Day2 Days10 Days30 Days
Log Streaming1 Log Stream2 Log Streams2 Log Streams
Private DeploymentAdd-on
Community Support
Standard Support
Premier SupportPremier Success Options

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the question you’re looking for? Post on our community forum to receive help from our developer support team and the community.

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Why should I trust Auth0 with my users?

Security is our utmost priority. For starters, we follow security best practices for storing user credentials: they are never stored in plain text, and all passwords are hashed and salted using the bcrypt algorithm, a state-of-the-art algorithm designed to prevent brute-force attacks even in case of a breach. Furthermore, our implementation of TLS has received an “A+” score in Qualsys’ SSL Labs SSL Server test. We also implement proactive security measures for your projects such as password breach detection, using a huge database of leaked passwords, and brute-force attack detection. Automated rate-limiting checks and denial of service mitigation procedures are also in place. You can learn more about security at Auth0 at our security page.

What happens if I stop using Auth0? How do I know my user's data is safe?

Your data is safe as long as it’s stored in our servers. If you choose to stop using Auth0, exporting your data is a simple matter. Head over to the Auth0 Dashboard and go to the extensions page. Select “User Import/Export” and proceed to enable the extension. If you need help using the extension, check our docs. If you feel the export extension does not fill your needs, the Auth0 management API lets you fully inspect all the data from your account. With it, you can export all data to any format.

If I surpass the 7,500 users Free Plan do I need to select a Paid Plan with a higher MAU Quota?

Yes, if you pass the 7,500 users mark, you need to select an applicable paid Plan and select the right amount of users for your use case. Paid plans let you pick a custom number of users, from 1,000 up to 100,000 or more. Several plans are available to best suit the needs of different use cases in addition to providing access to a greater amount of features that increases what you can do with Auth0.

What are the different deployment models?

Auth0 can run as a third-party service on the Auth0 public cloud or in an isolated private deployment. In particular, Auth0 supports four different types of deployments:

  • Public Cloud: multi-tenant (shared-instance)
  • Private Cloud Basic: Dedicated option that builds on Public Cloud performance and management that addresses specific data residency needs
  • Private Cloud Performance: Includes all Private Cloud Basic capabilities and increases requests per second (RPS) to 500, and includes options for upgrade control, load testing, and a GEO-HA add-on.
  • Private Cloud Performance Plus: Includes all Private Cloud Performance capabilities and increases RPS to 1,500

What's Auth0's uptime and status?

Auth0 systems have over 99.99% monthly uptime figures for most regions. You can check the current and past status and uptime figures at the status and uptime pages.

How long does my trial last?

The trial period lasts 22 days. After that, the Starter Plan gets activated automatically. If you wish to continue using some of the features from our paid plans, please choose one from above.

Do you have any special offer for Startups?

Yes, Auth0 and our network of partners want to see you succeed! We provide a special plan for Startups that includes 100K monthly external active users, Enterprise Identity Providers, Pro MFA & Password Protection and SSO for Auth0 Dashboard free for a whole year. You can also apply for $5,000 in AWS credits. Check the requirements and apply here!

How do I get Special Pricing and Services for Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations?

We are committed to Secure Access For Everyone and making the world a SAFEr place. With our Social Impact Program, we want to make sure your technology is running alongside your ambitions from day one. All paid plans are eligible for a Social Impact discount. Request the Nonprofit and Social Good Benefits and Pricing Sheet here which includes the Criteria and Validation Steps.

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