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Public Sector and Government in Australia and New Zealand

Enable frictionless access to government services and departments—by citizens or businesses. Auth0 is optimized for government use cases, ensuring only people with the right permissions can log in.

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Seamless authentication and extensibility, optimized for digital government

Auth0 enables governments with peace of mind and compliance, to ensure access is managed and authenticated.

Digital access is the key to efficient and frictionless engagement with citizens and other agencies. Yet identity and access management (IAM) is an essential consideration: You need to ensure people are who they say they are whilst accessing apps and services.

Auth0 is an identity and access management platform that provides a flexible foundation on which to build and manage access to digital government apps, including government-to-citizen (G2C) and government-to-business (G2B).

How Auth0 works with Australian Government

Imagine a frictionless, universal login experience that lets citizens quickly access digital services from government agencies and departments. And, the same service enables governments to engage with the businesses operating within its jurisdiction. All with authentication working seamlessly in the background. That’s what Auth0 can do for all levels of Australian government.

How Auth0 works with New Zealand Government

Empower your citizens with secure, seamless access to essential services using a Single Sign-On experience that alleviates the need to remember multiple login credentials. Also ensure businesses can securely engage with your government departments, too — such as to pay taxes.

Use case

G2C: Government to Citizen

Enable a seamless experience for citizens accessing vital government services and departments.

Auth0 enables governments at all levels with secure Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that gives citizens quick access to the services they need.

Use case

G2G: Government to Government

Enable secure and efficient sharing of data and resources between government departments and agencies.

Auth0 enables users to authenticate or federate their identities in order to access shared services. Auth0 bridges the security and technology piece of this engagement, ensuring access is available only to the right people.

Use case

B2G2C: Business to Government to Citizen, via Gov Tech Partners

Ensure your GovTech SaaS apps have identity and access built in.

Auth0 is interoperable with custom in-house build applications and GovTech SaaS companies to provide a frictionless universal login experience.


Single Sign On

Auth0's identity and access management platform provides greater control, superior security, and ease of use. Single Sign-On whether through social login, username and password, or enterprise federation; allows users to simply log in once and use all applications they have been granted access to.

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Access Management

Control which applications and APIs your end-users have access to, and extend your authorization capabilities to implement dynamic access control.

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User Management

Easily manage citizen, employee, and partner profiles, create frictionless registration experiences, and migrate large scale legacy deployments into a modern cloud infrastructure. It really is identity made simple for developers.

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End User Security

From MFA to bot detection and more, mitigate the risk of threats and attacks with enhanced, adaptive security capabilities, where security and great citizen experiences no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

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Easily add custom identity functionality to your applications to solve for your unique requirements and use cases.

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Underpinning digital governments are sensitive and critical data. Regulations, from security standards to compliance requirements, are strict, rigorous, and emerging regularly. The Auth0 platform is always up-to-date to adhere to government standards so you can focus on innovation building apps.

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Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.