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Private Cloud Release Notes

Private Cloud Release Notes

Get the latest release notes for new features and updates in Auth0.

2103 (30133.1324)
Mar 09, 2021

Latest releaseNew and Noteworthy

  • Improved Dashboard Role Based Access Control

  • WebAuthn with FIDO Security Keys is now generally available


  • Improved Dashboard Role Based Access Control. New limited privilege dashboard roles are now available for secure collaboration. Private Cloud specific details are here and Application Admin role migration details are here.

  • WebAuthn with FIDO Security Keys. This enables users to use FIDO Security Keys to increase the security of their accounts. Learn more in our public docs.


  • Enhanced Protection for Connections and MFA Secrets. In order to improve security, we have stopped displaying connections and MFA secrets in the Auth0 Dashboard and Inspector.

  • Refresh Token Revocation is now decoupled from Grant Revocation. Read the docs for more information.