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Do Identity Right – So Your Digital Business Strategy Succeeds- Opt 1



September 24th

01:00 PM (GMT+00:00)

About this upcoming-webinar

Registration and authentication are the first things that happen when someone becomes a user of digital business services. If these steps don’t work as the user wants, the acceptance of such services will suffer and the success of digital business strategies is at risk. But what if you could deliver identity in a unified way across all your various apps and services?

Join Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, where he will discuss:

  • How Identity is evolving from a point solution to a strategic platform for all applications
  • Why Identity API Platforms are the best choice for delivering a unified approach to identity
  • Recommended guidance for developing an identity management action plan to help you reach your digital business goals

Also available at 4pm (Seattle) - 9am (Sydney, September 25): Register here

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