Expanding our Ecosystem with Auth0 Marketplace

Securing and managing systems is inherently complex due to changing threat sources, evolving standards, new attack vectors, variations in applications, and differing user profiles. Rigid, set-and-forget solutions don’t allow for future unanticipated needs and use cases.

A new reality is emerging where identity must be programmable, adaptable, and extensible to support developers, admins and operators’ innovation needs across the entire No, Low, Pro-code spectrum.

Identity platforms must cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that fosters partner and community-driven innovation, inputs, and APIs. These sources combine to create a solution flywheel, which we are putting in motion for you today.

To kick off this flywheel, we introduce Auth0 Marketplace — a trusted catalog of integrations that enables application teams to easily assemble complete identity solutions.

Shafiq Shivji, Product Marketing Manager, Auth0

Darin LaFramboise, Principal PM, Ecosystem, Auth0


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Expanding our Ecosystem with Auth0 Marketplace
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