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Building IDaaS at Scale

About this webinar

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of a new form of technology scale. Today's emerging technologies - which rapidly grow to millions of users, do not sell a product or service. Instead, they build a platform on which others can create value.

Yet new platforms often fail because the design and growth strategies involved in building them are complex, resource-intensive and expensive to scale. Even in the IAM/ CIAM space, many companies are still building their own internal IDaaS platform, facing this massive challenge, and oftentimes failing to achieve their goals.

Join Christian McCarrick, VP of Engineering, as he discusses the complexities, resources, and scalability challenges Auth0 has faced in creating an IDaaS platform that securely manages more than 2.5 billion logins per month. He will take a deep dive into specific scenarios including: scaling password hashing, designing across multiple clouds, and session hijacking.

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