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Live Demo: Auth0 for B2B Identity Management

About this webinar

On-Demand Webinar Presented by Auth0

Using Auth0, developers can connect any application written in any language or stack, and define the external identity providers, as well as integrations, that they want to use.

Fill out the form for an overview of this process. We’ll touch upon Auth0’s unmatched extensibility and its specific applicability to B2B use cases.

The demo will showcase how you can:

  • Create a branded and consistent experience across all applications
  • Onboard and manage customers and business partners
  • Deliver a better and frictionless user experience by turning on federated authentication for enterprise users
  • Enable multi-factor authentication, anomaly detection, and more with the flip of a switch
  • Assign RBAC authorization policies to users to allow for different permissions within your application

If you’ve ever tried to build your own identity solution before, you know it can be complex, expensive and difficult. So don’t. Increase revenue, minimize risk, and reduce the sales cycle with Auth0.

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