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The Power of a Centralized Identity Strategy

About this webinar

A typical company today has dozens or even hundreds of applications. Some are legacy; some are new but quickly become legacy. To be more efficient, developers often adopt a service-oriented architecture, where common capabilities are compartmentalized and serve every application.

Identity is a prime candidate for this type of centralization, but because of certain business requirements, some Auth0 customers still have separate identity implementations for many of their applications. This leads to:

  • Multiple silos of user credentials
  • An increased risk of a data breach
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) spread across too many systems
  • A poor customer experience (where users have to authenticate multiple times and often)

Identity teams end up with an ever-growing backlog of important regulations, user demands, and security concerns.

Centralizing your identity increases development velocity, improves user experience, and reduces security exposure. Join Carlos Mostek, Principal Solution Architect at Auth0, to learn:

  • Why centralizing identity is critical to improving UX and security
  • The benefits of centralizing identity with Auth0
  • What initiatives you should consider to take your Auth0 implementation to the next level

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