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Modern CIAM: Platform and Centerpiece of Your Innovation

About this webinar

CIAM sits at the intersection of security, customer experience, and analytics. CIAM systems offer basic features that every business needs but that most often don’t create value for their customers on their own, like login or user management.

In this webinar, Booleans and Auth0 show the possibilities offered by modern identity management beyond the pure login box. By embedding their CIAM systems into existing business processes, relieving the burden on product development and freeing up time for innovation, the two experts explain how CIAM tools can contribute to the digital transformation and revenue growth of your company.

What does this webinar cover?

  • Features of modern CIAM solutions and the benefits of standard solutions
  • Potential value of integrating identity management solutions into your business processes
  • Customer examples of successful integrations and achieved potentials
  • The necessary conditions and mindsets for an optimized consumer relation

The session also includes a panel discussion where Mike Rawson, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CitizenM shares his experience.

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