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Customer Identity Innovation: Journey to Loginless & Reducing Friction

About this webinar

Auth0 explores the new age of identity authorisation technologies and strategies that will look at securing and optimizing your customer experience and service cost maintenance and data in a Fireside chat with Mindvalley.

Key Discussion Topics:

  1. Reducing the customer friction: the challenge of customer identity and removing complexity.
  2. Assessing some of the challenges organisations face in delivering frictionless service: cyber-threats, multi-applications, and legacy approaches.
  3. How to leverage a “loginless” environment in order to enhance personalisation.
  4. Local use-cases around “loginless” adoption and how you can build a blueprint.


  • Richard Marr, APAC CIAM Lead, Auth0
  • John Wong, Principal Architect, Mindvalley
  • Matthew Egan, Editorial Director, Innovatus Media

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