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Why Build When You Can Buy: A Fireside Chat with YourStory

About this webinar

Identity management is like opening the gates to your digital applications. If it becomes too easy or difficult for the wrong person to open, it would impact your customer experience (CX) and security. The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, is an authorisation and authentication platform for the developers/businesses that acts as a service for custom apps, generally termed as Identity.

Why build when you can buy Sometimes, it can be difficult and frustrating for developers/businesses in using their developmental platforms to build something internally that might feel like a waste of time, engineering efforts, and resources. Mid-year surveys conducted by some platforms identified that developers had custom app monolithic legacy infrastructure, instead of the micro-services (modern). Now, as the story goes, micro-services (modern) work smoothly, when compared to the former.

Busting myths It’s a common myth that it's cheaper to build and manage, instead of leveraging a SaaS. However, the reality states it to be a solved problem that doesn’t need to be built anymore, and the total cost of ownership (TCO) would be lowered while considering the best developers focusing on innovation instead of building identity.

This on-demand version of the webinar, “Why build when you can buy” is designed to address identity and authentication as the foundation for providing access to digital services.