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How Identity Management Drives Cloud Innovation

About this webinar

According to an IDSA survey of 502 security decision makers, 79% of organizations have experienced an identity-related security breach in the last two years.

Given the rapid rise in remote working and business migration to cloud-based apps, this is only a problem that is going to get worse. For organizations to meet the growing demands of cloud-based computing, they will need to ensure they have a robust, scalable IAM solution, but how?

In this webinar, Rob Hale, EMEA Cyber Security at AWS and Tobias Urban, Solutions Engineer at Auth0 explain how, as demands for the cloud grow, identity-as-a-service is key to managing the challenges of secure access and frictionless digital experiences. You will hear from one of AWS and Auth0's customers, Nordcloud, who share their journey so far with Auth0 and how they are leveraging the solution in their SaaS platforms.

Watch this webinar as we cover:

  • Key points of security in the cloud
  • How to use the cloud to simplify and improve your security posture
  • Key identity management challenges that organizations face
  • Nordcloud - Key learnings from integrating an Identity Management layer into highly distributed serverless platform and high velocity teams

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