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Identity in Southeast Asia with NTUC

About this webinar

Join us for this on-demand version of our event with NTUC Enterprise Digital’s VP, Wilson Lim, Product Development. Wilson shares how NTUC have tackled issues like:

  • Frustration with outbound/inbound campaigns not delivering expected results due to duplicate customer profiles;
  • Embarassment over poor customer experience due to high-friction sign-up, login, and password reset flow;
  • Suffering from the high cost of building and maintaining multiple identity services across multiple brands;
  • Worries about the data breaches and identity theft.

Learn how NTUC Enterprise Digital and Auth0:

  • Built a single customer view across their brands/subsidiaries;
  • Migrated from a legacy in-house developed multiple identity services to centralised identity service;
  • Improved Security features without compromising customer experience;
  • Adopted a centralised customer identity service for multiple brands/subsidiaries