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About this webinar

Organizations moving to the cloud and selecting SaaS CIAM providers want to have significant control over sensitive customer and business data. They look for comprehensive solutions that fulfill both multiple functional requirements, such as compliance with data sovereignty and data residence; and business objectives such as selecting vendors that are not competitive to their business, and which integrate seamlessly with their existing technology investments. Today, they often have to make the hard choice of selecting a CIAM provider that either meets their functional needs, or one that enables their business goals.

But why choose?

The session will look at how you can:

  • Utilize a modern containerized technology stack to align with your existing technology investments
  • Meet data sovereignty and data residency through this private cloud deployment option
  • Maintain control over data storage, and feature updates, driving faster time to market

Watch now to learn how you can easily expand your existing technology investments in Azure with Auth0.

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