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Identity with NIB Group

About this webinar

We were thrilled to host NIB Health Funds Head of Digital and Emerging Businesses Delivery, Trent McClenahan and Robert Williams Cybersecurity Manager, who shared their experience over multi-years how they have tackled issues like:

  1. Embarrassed with a high-friction digital experience where customers needed to remember several passwords/credentials across multiple digital assets
  2. Concerned with the risk of rolling out a custom authentication service in the midst of their transformational efforts and facing a high level of technical debt
  3. How they successfully moved from multiple, disconnected, mobile and web applications with separate identity/authentication services and no SSO to a single identity services

Key takeaways:

  • Moving from a legacy application stack to modern identity without impacting customer experience
  • Balancing security features with CX
  • Enabling the digital experience platform & workforce identity

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