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Mistakes to Love: A Survey of Identity Mistakes

About this webinar

Are you about to embark on an identity project for the first time? Or maybe you’re about to work on yet another identity project and want it to be smoother than the last? Are you already stealing away time for the architectural design challenges, project management across multiple stakeholders, and unforeseen scoping mistakes?

Regardless of whether you have decided to build or buy identity, the most practical help and advice might come from those who are trying to accomplish the same goals as you are, and who may have learned from mistakes the experts hadn’t even thought about. So we surveyed your peers to find out.

Join Auth0 on this live webinar as we unveil survey findings from your peers on:

  • Common mistakes generally made when app development teams decide to build vs buy identity--these are real mistakes made by real peers working to make identity solutions come to life for their app development teams.
  • Mistakes people made in the architecture surrounding an identity implementation.
  • And because identity is often a team sport - we will share which teams were most challenging and helpful to work with along the way.

At Auth0 we believe that your app development team deserves the best chance of success with any identity initiative, regardless of where you lie on the identity learning curve.

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