Top Trends and Themes Shaping the IAM Market

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Identity and access management (IAM) capabilities are critical in the fight to protect customers from data breaches, account takeover, credential stuffing, identity theft, and privacy abuses, to name a few.

Business leaders, CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs no longer have to sacrifice privacy or user experience for security, or vice versa, and now use IAM technologies to both improve engagement with their business customers and end users and protect them throughout their journey. With growing compliance requirements, increasing amount of data breaches and the ubiquitous demand for optimal user experience, organizations increasingly struggle to build a strategy for managing their user’s identity in a holistic and easily manageable fashion.

In this webinar, Merritt Maxim, VP & Research Director at Forrester Research will provide perspectives on key market trends shaping the general IAM market for any audience, and leading indicators that are driving innovative technologies. Maxim will provide guidance on how organizations are addressing growing identity requirements that satisfy security and UX demands, and implementing identity in a way that will scale for any and all growth.

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  • Share Top Trends and Themes Shaping the IAM Market
  • Share Top Trends and Themes Shaping the IAM Market

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