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About this webinar

Auth0 and Signicat have integrated services, enabling Auth0 customers to onboard and authenticate users through third-party electronic identity (eID) integrations on Signicat’s Digital Identity Platform. As usage of digital identity solutions increases, the partnership makes it easy for companies to give their customers a convenient way to access services with an ID they already know and trust.

Signicat is present via the Auth0 Marketplace through two solutions: Signicat Express and Signicat Enterprise.The off-the-shelf solutions require little to no configuration, where businesses can easily manage and choose between a range of European eID methods.

Watch to learn more about:

  • How your business can reach a large addressable market through 30+ national eID schemes
  • Why users prefer eIDs to other authentication methods
  • Why Signicat’s authentication solutions are unique on the Auth0 Marketplace
  • For which use cases customers should chose the eID solutions
  • What other services Signicat and Auth0 offer for secure customer authentication

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