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Understand Evolving Data Privacy for CIAM

About this webinar

Data privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, are in constant flux and are fundamentally rewriting the rules for how organisations collect, store, and share personal data. Meeting these legal obligations means managing both how you architect and approach Customer Identity and Access Management for your organisation.

Customers wanting a secure trustworthy experience is adding to the pressure from regulators to remain compliant and place data privacy at the centre of your application design. A CIAM solution needs to provide all of these elements, as well as tailoring data collection and consent management practices to the relevant law.

Join this 30 minute webinar for a crash course in data privacy for CIAM for the busy developer, including:

  • Privacy Vs Security Vs User Experience - Understand the impact of regulations
  • Managing user consent and customer data
  • How to architect your CIAM application

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