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How login can protect accounts from phishing and credential threat

About this webinar

About this Webinar

Good security starts at your login screen. Leverage next-gen authentication to significantly improve security of access, remove overhead associated with password resets, and simplify UE for end users.

Auth0 and WWPass Identity Provider offer a game-changing approach to multi-factor authentication utilizing OpenID Connect and Oauth2 to replace insecure usernames and passwords. The technology uses a patented distributed credential storage to protect regular and privileged accounts from all types of credential and hacker attacks. The solution maintains a balance between low cost and simple login with mobile phone app and ultra-secure access with hardware tokens, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized remote access with stolen credentials.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Comparing traditional logins and MFAs to WWPass login. Main differentiators and benefits.
  • Integration of WWPass authentication to Auth0 CIAM.
  • Technical DEMO.